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We're here to help Cape Codders achieve their career goals and build careers that align with the unique needs of our employer community. 

At the Community School, we're here to support our community.The ever-present myth that Cape Cod doesn't have advance educational opportunities for adult learners is truly just that: a myth. With dozens of training, certification, and online programs designed to meet the needs of our community, adults on Cape Cod don't need to make the challenging decision of leaving the Cape to advance their careers. At the Community School, you will receive high caliber education from industry experts as well as the support and insights needed to achieve your goals right here on Cape Cod.

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Veterinary Assistant Approved Program

Nantucket Electrical Code and Theory, Level 2 & 3

Medical Assistant Certificate Program

We Need You!

Would you like to teach for the Community School at Cape Cod Tech?  We welcome new ideas and enthusiastic teachers willing to share their knowledge.  Check out our Open Positions or Teachers for New Programs.

Carpentry Class

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