Bicycle Repair

Bicycle Repair Workshop: Master Essential Maintenance and Repairs

Keep your ride smooth and your wheels turning with our Bicycle Repair Workshop. Whether you’re a casual rider or a cycling enthusiast, this course offers you the chance to learn essential repairs and maintenance techniques directly from an expert. Taught by Paul Fiset, a dedicated bike enthusiast and founder of Cycle Recycle, this class isn’t just about fixing bikes—it’s about fostering a community that cares for cycling and the environment.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Tubes and Tires: Get hands-on experience in patching tires, replacing tubes, and understanding tire pressure.
  • Wheels and Brakes: Discover the ins and outs of wheel truing, brake adjustments, and replacements to ensure a safe ride.
  • Shifting and Derailleurs: Tackle common shifting issues and learn how to fine-tune your bike’s derailleur for optimal performance.

Course Features:

  • Bring Your Own Bike: This isn’t just theory; bring your bike to class and apply what you learn directly to your own bicycle.
  • Tools Provided: All tools and equipment are supplied, so you can focus on learning and applying new skills.

Start Date

September 16, 2024

Registration Deadline

September 11, 2024



Course Details

Start Date

September 16, 2024

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Harwich, MA

Days & Times

Monday 6-8 PM



End Date

October 7, 2024

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Paul Fiset

About The Instructor

Paul is dedicated bike enthusiast who also runs Cycle Recycle that rebuilds and resells used bikes to raise funds for various charities.