Electrical Code and Theory, Level 4

Course Title: Electrical Journeyman Licensing – Level 4: Expert Code Review and Exam Preparation

Advance to the final stage of your electrical training with our comprehensive Level 4 Expert Code Review and Exam Preparation Course. This essential 150-hour module is a crucial part of the 600-hour curriculum required to qualify for the Journeyman Exam. The course sharpens your proficiency in the Massachusetts Electric Code and Mike Holt’s curriculum, focusing on Articles 90 – 480. It enhances your skills in NEC calculations, electrical estimating, and OSHA construction safety, complemented by extensive practice exams to ensure thorough preparation.

Who Should Enroll:
This course is specifically tailored for electrical apprentices who have successfully completed Levels 1, 2, and 3, and are actively working under a licensed electrician. It is ideal for those ready to deepen their understanding of advanced electrical code and prepare rigorously for the Journeyman Exam.

Course Highlights:

  • In-depth NEC Code Review: Master the National Electrical Code from Articles 90 to 480, emphasizing code compliance and electrical safety standards.
  • Electrical Estimating Skills: Develop advanced skills in estimating project costs effectively using industry-standard tools and practices.
  • OSHA Safety Mastery: Enhance your knowledge of occupational safety standards to ensure safety and compliance on the job.
  • NEC Calculations and Practice Exams: Engage with complex calculations and multiple practice exams designed to solidify your knowledge and boost your confidence for the licensing exam.


  • Continuous employment with a licensed electrician is required to apply learning in practical settings.
  • Students must purchase and bring the Massachusetts Electric Code (NFPA 70 with Massachusetts Amendments) and the Mike Holt Curriculum for Level 4.

Successfully completing Level 4 not only prepares you comprehensively for the Electrical Journeyman licensing exam but also equips you with the expertise to excel in the electrical field.

Join Us:
Take the final step in your training with our Level 4 course. Enroll today to ensure your mastery of the most complex aspects of electrical work and secure your future as a licensed Electrical Journeyman.

Start Date

September 19, 2023

Registration Deadline

September 15, 2024



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Start Date

September 19, 2023

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Harwich, MA

Days & Times

Tuesday & Thursday, 5-8 PM



End Date

April 1, 2025

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Matthew Theodore

About The Instructor

With a passion that matches his extensive expertise, Matt Theodore stands at the forefront of electrical education. A licensed Master Electrician with years of field experience, Matt dedicates himself to the academic and professional advancement of his apprentices. He currently serves as an Electrical Instructor at Cape Cod Tech, where he imparts his deep understanding of electrical code and theory, making complex concepts accessible and engaging.
Matt’s commitment extends beyond the classroom; he genuinely cares about each student’s journey towards becoming a licensed electrician. His instructional approach is tailored to foster both confidence and competence, ensuring that students not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of electrical licensure.