HVAC Foundational Skills

“HVAC Foundational Skills” is a meticulously crafted course, funded by the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund through the Senator Donnelly Workforce Success Grants, offered at no cost to eligible participants. This program is specifically designed to address the growing need for skilled professionals in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. It combines an in-depth curriculum covering the foundational aspects of HVAC systems—including design, maintenance, and energy-efficient technologies—with practical, hands-on experience.

A significant highlight of this course is the chance for students to job shadow with employees from some of the largest and most respected HVAC companies on Cape Cod, providing invaluable real-world insights and networking opportunities within the industry.

Upon successful completion, participants gain the unique opportunity to interview for open positions with our employer partners, facilitating a seamless transition from education to employment. This direct pathway to job placement underscores the program’s alignment with both participant career aspirations and the specific workforce needs of the HVAC industry. To be eligible for this transformative opportunity, participants must meet the specific requirements set by the grant, ensuring they are well-positioned to benefit from and contribute to the HVAC industry. These criteria are in place to identify candidates who demonstrate the potential for success in this field, aligning with the program’s objectives to bridge the gap between skilled labor demand and supply.

For those eager to launch their careers in HVAC, the “HVAC Foundational Skills” course offers a robust foundation, enriched by real-world experience and the potential for immediate employment, all supported by the generous funding and vision of the Senator Donnelly Workforce Success Grants.


Anticipated Start Date

Fall 2024