Electrical Code and Theory, Level 1

Course Title: Electrical Journeyman Licensing – Level 1: Electrical Fundamentals

Overview: Kickstart your journey to becoming a licensed Electrical Journeyman with our Level 1 Electrical Fundamentals Course. This introductory 150-hour module is essential for the 600-hour total required to qualify for the journeyman exam. It focuses on foundational electrical principles and is designed specifically for electrical apprentices.

Who Should Enroll: Ideal for electrical apprentices looking to begin their formal education in electrical theory. Students must be employed by a licensed electrician to enroll, ensuring a blend of theoretical study and practical experience.

Course Highlights:

  • Electrical Theory and Practice: Learn core concepts including digital multimeter use, electrical formulas, and configurations for series, parallel, and multi-wire circuits.
  • Comprehensive NEC Understanding: Gain an introductory understanding of NEC requirements vital for every electrician.
  • Expert Instruction: Our instructors bring years of field experience and teaching expertise, offering in-depth knowledge and support.


  • Enrollment necessitates being employed by a licensed electrician.
  • Students must obtain the Massachusetts Electric Code (NFPA 70 with Massachusetts Amendments) and the Mike Holt Level 1 Curriculum.

Certification: Completion of this course moves you towards eligibility for the Electrical Journeyman exam, providing the critical knowledge base needed for further certification levels.

Join Us: Start building your foundational knowledge in electrical work with our Level 1 course. Enroll today to take the first step towards achieving your Electrical Journeyman license and advancing your career in the electrical trade.

Start Date

September 17, 2024

Registration Deadline

September 15, 2024



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Start Date

September 17, 2024

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Harwich, MA

Days & Times

Tuesday & Thursday, 5-8 PM



End Date

March 27, 2025

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Nickel Betty

About The Instructor

Nick Betty brings his entrepreneurial spirit and extensive field experience to the classroom. A proud graduate of The Community School, he founded his own successful electrical business, translating complex electrical concepts into practical knowledge for his students. This 150-hour module, which Nick oversees, is critical for apprentices aiming to qualify for the journeyman exam. Nick’s commitment to excellence and to his student’s success equips students with the skills necessary to excel both in theory and practice, setting a solid foundation for their careers.