Cosmetology Licensing

Course Title: Comprehensive Cosmetology Licensing Program

Overview: Step into a world of beauty and creativity with our Comprehensive Cosmetology Licensing Program, offering 1,000 hours of extensive training in Massachusetts. This in-person course, held at our fully-equipped Cosmetology Shop, prepares students for the Massachusetts State Board Licensing Exam. With hair, skin, and nails as your creative mediums, develop your artistic ability and master technical skills across all areas of cosmetology.

Who Should Enroll: Ideal for aspiring beauty professionals eager to dive deep into the world of cosmetology, this program caters to those starting a new career or enhancing existing skills in hair, skin, and nail care.

Course Highlights:

  • Hair Care and Design: Advanced training in cutting, coloring, and styling, integrating latest hair treatment technologies.
  • Skin Care Techniques: Expertise in the application of skin products, makeup techniques, and facial treatments tailored for various skin types.
  • Nail Care Services: Skills in manicures, pedicures, and nail art, focusing on aesthetics and health.
  • Health and Safety Standards: Comprehensive instruction on decontamination, infection control, and workplace safety practices.
  • Salon and Spa Management: Business skills necessary for managing a successful beauty salon or spa.

Apprenticeship Opportunities: After completing 600 hours of class training, engage in our Apprenticeship Program where you can apply your skills directly with clients in a real-world salon environment. This hands-on experience not only enhances your readiness for the state board exam but also allows you to earn while you learn, gaining invaluable practical experience and building a client base even before graduation.


  • Attendance is mandatory at all classes, as it plays a crucial role in successfully completing the program.
  • Students must be able to read, write, and understand English. For those needing to improve their skills, our ESOL class is available; check the course catalog for dates.

Course Outcomes: Graduates will be fully prepared for the State Board Licensing Exam, equipped with the skills to excel in roles such as hairstylist, skincare expert, nail technician, or salon/spa manager.

Join Us: Enroll in our Comprehensive Cosmetology Certification Program in Massachusetts and transform your passion for beauty into a vibrant career. Start your journey today in the dynamic world of cosmetology, where creativity meets career opportunities.

Start Date

September 9, 2024

Registration Deadline

September 3, 2024


$14,750 (Tuition: $12,750.00 Textbook $600.00 Kit $1,400.00)

Course Details

Start Date

September 9, 2024

Type of Class



Harwich, MA

Days & Times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4:30 - 9:30 p.m.


End Date

October 2, 2025

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Diane King

About The Instructor

Diane King is a distinguished educator in the beauty industry, bringing years of experience and a profound passion for cosmetology to our program. With a rich background in teaching various aspects of beauty, Diane excels in imparting her extensive knowledge to aspiring cosmetologists. Her dedication to the craft and commitment to education are evident in her enthusiastic approach and the deep connections she forms with her students.

Diane’s expertise not only covers technical skills across hair, skin, and nails, but also includes a strong focus on the evolving trends and practices within the beauty sector. Her goal is to equip each student with the necessary skills to excel in their careers and to instill a lifelong passion for the beauty industry.