Electrical Code and Theory, Level 2

Course Title: Electrical Journeyman Licensing – Level 2: Advanced Electrical Code and Theory

Overview: Advance your career with our Level 2 Advanced Electrical Code Course, a crucial component of our Electrical Journeyman series. This 150-hour module is essential for meeting the 600-hour requirement for the Journeyman exam and delves into the NEC Articles 90 through 392 along with OSHA Construction Safety. It’s tailored for electrical apprentices committed to deepening their code comprehension and safety knowledge.

Who Should Enroll: This course is designed for those who have completed Level 1 of our Electrical Journeyman Licensing program and are currently working under a licensed electrician. It’s perfect for apprentices seeking to upgrade their understanding and application of advanced electrical codes and safety protocols.

Course Highlights:

  • NEC Compliance Education: Focus on NEC Articles 90-392 to understand comprehensive electrical installation standards.
  • OSHA Safety for Electricians: Equip yourself with critical safety protocols to enhance workplace safety.
  • Expert-Led Instruction: Benefit from the guidance of instructors with extensive experience in electrical regulations and safety.


  • Employment with a licensed electrician is mandatory.
  • Students must purchase the updated Massachusetts Electric Code (NFPA 70 with Massachusetts Amendments) and the Mike Holt Curriculum for Level 2.

Certification: Completing this course moves you towards eligibility for the Electrical Journeyman Exam, preparing you with the necessary knowledge and skills for licensure.

Join Us: Step up to specialized challenges in the electrical field with our Advanced Electrical Code Course. Enroll today to continue your journey towards becoming a licensed Electrical Journeyman, ready to tackle higher-level responsibilities and compliance demands.

Start Date

September 16, 2024

Registration Deadline

September 15, 2024



Course Details

Start Date

September 16, 2024

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Harwich, MA

Days & Times

Monday & Wednesday, 5-8 PM


Prerequisites - Level 1 or 150 hours

End Date

April 9, 2025

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AJ Pulley

About The Instructor

AJ Pulley, a seasoned electrical inspector and licensed Master Electrician is also an Electrical teacher for the high school at Cape Cod Tech. AJ’s vast experience in the field, coupled with his passion for education, makes him an invaluable resource for next level learners. As an experienced teacher, AJ is known for his approachable teaching style and his commitment to openly sharing knowledge. He ensures that his students not only grasp complex electrical concepts but also understand how to apply them in real-world scenarios. AJ’s expertise helps prepare students to meet professional standards and excel in their electrical careers.