Nantucket Electrical Code and Theory

This class is held on Nantucket for electrical apprentices requiring the necessary classes to earn their Electrical Journeyman license and completed a minimum of 150 hours of their educational hours in Level 2 and 3. The class is 150 hours of the required 600 hours necessary to sit for the journeyman exam. Students must purchase and bring to class the Massachusetts Electric Code consisting of NFPA 70 with Massachusetts Amendments and the Mike Holt curriculum for Level 3. Upon completion of each level, students will be eligible to register for the next level. Level 2 curriculum covers OSHA Construction Safety and NEC – Articles 90 through 392. Level 3 curriculum covers OSHA Construction Safety, NEC – Articles 400 -710 with practice quizzes and Motor Controls. Students MUST be working for a licensed electrician when enrolled in this course.

Anticipated Start Date

Fall 2024