English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) – Level 2

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ESOL: Level 2 – Building Your English Skills at Cape Cod Tech

We recommend our ESOL class to those who need to enhance their English language skills before enrolling in other programs.

Continue your English learning journey with our ESOL Level 2 class at Cape Cod Tech, designed for adult immigrants who have a foundational understanding of the language and are ready to further enhance their skills. This course is perfect for those who have completed Level 1 or have some prior experience with English. The course focuses on improving comprehension, expanding vocabulary, and refining conversational skills, and it’s offered at no cost to parents of Cape Cod Tech high school students.

Course Highlights:

  • Level 2: Ideal for those with a basic understanding of English, this course builds on prior knowledge with more advanced topics in conversation, reading, and writing. The emphasis is on practical communication for everyday life.
  • Enhanced Learning: Through engaging lessons and practical exercises, you’ll improve your ability to understand and express yourself in English, both orally and in writing.
  • Supportive Environment: Learn in a positive and encouraging setting where you can build your confidence and connect with fellow learners.

Placement Test Information: To ensure you’re placed in the correct level, placement tests will be held on Monday, September 9, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. at Cape Cod Tech. This test will help determine your current proficiency and ensure you get the most out of the course.

Why Choose ESOL at Cape Cod Tech?

  • Expert Instruction: Our experienced teachers are committed to helping you enhance your English skills and achieve greater fluency.
  • Personalized Learning: Classes are designed to meet your current level of proficiency, offering the right balance of challenge and support.
  • Real-Life Application: The course focuses on practical language skills that you can use immediately, helping you to navigate daily life and communicate effectively.
  • Free for Parents: Parents of Cape Cod Tech high school students can take this course at no cost, providing a fantastic opportunity for family members to learn together.

Enroll Now and Build on Your English Skills Take the next step towards mastering English and enhancing your communication skills—register today and continue your journey with our supportive learning community!

***FOR PARENTS ONLY – Register HERE for parents of Cape Cod Tech students***

Start Date

September 18, 2024

Registration Deadline

September 9, 2024



Course Details

Start Date

September 18, 2024

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Harwich, MA

Days & Times

Wednesday, 6:00 - 8:00 PM



End Date

December 11, 2024

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Marineti Matos

About The Instructor

Marineti is a Brazilian-American well-adapted to life in the United States. A Language specialist and ESOL experienced teacher with expertise in teaching, interpretation, and translation in English and Brazilian Portuguese languages, as well as knowledge of Creole Portuguese (Cape Verdean Creole) and Spanish. She brings her extensive knowledge and understanding into navigating the use of English with enthusiasm and insight. Passionate about life, she is also a proud advocate for the vulnerable and disadvantaged, starting her philanthropic activities at a young age in Brazil. Marineti is constantly contributing to society in many ways. She is always involved with the local community and its needs and is well-known for her language abilities and resourcefulness. Her passion and energy are channeled through activities she enjoys, including hiking the many nature trails around Cape Cod. Marineti is an animal lover with two rescue cats, Mimi and Puma.