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A Beautiful Facility for Talented Professionals

Cape Cod Tech has big beautiful new shop space for Carpentry, Horticulture, Marine Services Technology, Plumbing, Auto Collision, Auto Mechanics/ Technology, Culinary Arts, Graphic Arts and Engineering. What is missing? You! We always need professionals in the trades and experts in the field with a passion to share your skills and help to provide employment in your industry on Cape Cod.

At the Community School, our instructors have IMPACT. With so many students returning to school to further their careers, start their own businesses, or break into the workforce, our instructors have the ability to change a student's life.‍ We are always striving to provide a variety of courses for our students, enabling them to explore their interests, master a skill, and establish a career for themselves. If you have an idea that would help meet the unique needs of our community, please do not hesitate to reach out with your proposal.


"After 30 years in my profession, sharing my knowledge and stories with students that are just entering veterinary medicine inspires me. Each year I am motivated and awed by their growth and passion for the science of medicine. I enjoy watching them gain confidence, embracing medical terminology and even the medical math.  We reflect together on how much they have learned over the  months that we spend together, and are always surprised by how quickly time passed. Lastly, I am rewarded by helping to place them in a clinical setting to start their new career."

Tracey Nowers, Veterinary Assistant Instructor

"The program at Cape Cod tech provides the tools to become a professional in nail care. Providing natural nail care, spa services, overlay services, management skills, or becoming an educator. I’ve been an instructor for CCT for the past 10 years. Teaching is a passion for me, and educating at CCT has been a joy. The cleanliness of the school is outstanding, the people are kind, and thoughtful.I enjoy going to teach, as they say if you enjoy what you do you’ll never work a day in your life."

Robin Dion, Manicure Licensure Instructor

Being a 30 year Cosmetology Instructor, Salon Owner and Stylist, it has proven to be continuously rewarding.  I am fortunate to be part of the Community School at Cape Cod Tech. where I am given the opportunity to further teach and see Cosmetology Students pursue and achieve their dream to enter into a career in the ever changing Beauty Industry.  Not one student is the same.  Skill level, talent and creativity motivates me as an instructor to ensure their continued interest in learning and practicing.  Ultimately their goal and mine is achieved when they pass the Cosmetology State Board Licensing Exam and enter into the Salon, Spa and Beauty Industry as a Licensed Cosmetologist.

Mark Kalil, Cosmetology Instructor

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