Setting Intentions for Fall 2020

June 15, 2020

The Cape Cod Tech Graduation at the Wellfleet Drive-In is a great example of making a good situation out of a bad circumstance.  I hear the word resilient a lot and that quality combined with the can- do attitude of being a Technical School gives me hope for next year and our adult learners at The Community School.

We will figure out the best way to reach our students to keep working and learning, getting certified, starting new careers by trusting that we will find a way.  New school physical setup and in classroom state regulations will be considered as well as blending remote learning support for online classes.  We have opened Fall Registration with the information we know now understanding that we will need to be flexible, open to change and eyes wide open.  

To register:  Each course has a payment plan available on the Registration page.  After entering your information, select the Plan that gives you the opportunity to pay a deposit (depending on the course of $100 or less) to hold your place in the program of choice.  Future payments will commence automatically once courses have confirmed under the Fall parameters or you will receive a refund of your deposit.

To reach us directly regarding registrations over the coming months, email

Enjoy your summer!

Carol Connolly – Director of Adult Education

508-432-4500 x 2800

351 Pleasant Lake Ave in Harwich, MA 02645